about me.

i love music.
 okay, i more adore music.

i love writing.
 i don't have a lot of experience though.

i have brown hair and brown eyes.
 I am a true brunette.

i love colors.
 sea green, turquoise blue, aqua blue, and every type of pink.

i adore blogging and photography.
 i have another blog  here. i am currently saving for a Canon EOS t3i.

sometimes a feel like a third wheel in the midst of my friends.
 i have friends, but do you ever wonder if your 'friends' really are friends.
 like maybe your just their friend for when ever their not with there other friends.
 or when they treat you differently than they do their 'best friends.

i like sleep overs, but i hate them.
 okay, don't get me wrong i adore sleep overs, but i am always the tired one.
 the one who if you keep me up past 1:30 you are going to die.
 i am not kidding. i just always feel like i'm the one who ruins the 'party'.

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